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I’m extremely grateful for this experience, my amazing co-authors and my friendship with my publisher, Julie Ann.  For anyone out there who has an idea for a collaborative book, or even their own book, I say go for it!  It will no doubt be a rich and rewarding experience.

Rebecca Harrison, Author of "This Was Meant To Be A Series"

This Was Meant To Be A Series - Interview with Author Rebecca Harrison - Influence Publishing

A huge thank you goes to Julie for her professional advice and direction throughout the publishing process and for her amazing encouragement and support. And to Marilyn and Julie, who helped me with my Amazon Bestseller campaign. They were with me, providing advice and support, leading up to and all day of my book launch day. They helped me reach my goal of Amazon Best Seller for the second time and I’m extremely grateful! 


Nadine Sands, Author of "Hold on, Let go" and "High and Wide"

My Continued Grief and Love Journey Led Me to Write This Book – Interview with Author Nadine Sands - Influence Publishing

I had the opportunity to share my memoir with Julie and experience her expertise in seeing the whole picture, witness her passion and integrity, and her commitment to helping authors bring their books into the world. She guided me in the theme I had written and believed in the value of publishing my memoir.

Lily Ann Gwilliam - Author of "I Wanted To Leave a Meaningful Legacy

I Wanted To Leave A Meaningful Legacy - Interview With Author Lilly Ann Gwilliam - Influence Publishing

Christine Awram

When women join together with a common purpose, magic unfolds. 

Congratulations #1 Bestselling Author! 

Ange Frymire

Such a tribute to this women’s collective! So humbled and honoured...

DeeAnn Lenson

Okay I know I've said it before but I am just WOW'd by the support and TRIBE LOVE:)

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