Why You Should Write a Chapter in a Collaborative Book.

Writing a chapter in a collaborative book to having her own publishing company. Diane Reyers shares how she got started.

What collaborative books have you been involved in?


Daring to Share: 8 Brave Souls - Volume 1

Daring to Share: There to Here - 2nd Edition | Volume 1 (just released)

Daring to Share: Deception to Truth - Volume 2

Daring to Share: Trauma to Recover - Special Edition 2019

Coming Soon:

Daring to Share: Chaos to Calm | Journeys Through COVID19 - Special Edition 2020

Daring to Share Your Story: An Authentic Writing Guide by Tana Heminsley & Diana Reyers

Why did you get involved and did the experience live up to your expectations?

I chose to write my first book because it was a life-long dream I had to share inspiration through the magic of storytelling. I grew up enjoying biographies and memoirs because I always related to bits of what authors described they went through. It was not that I had, necessarily, gone through what they experienced, but I resonated with how they felt, and connected with their emotional pain, as well as their joy. I was inspired by their courage to find resilience amidst their trauma, and I found myself celebrating their victories. I wanted to do this for others as well.

Publishing my first three collaborative books with Influence Publishing created a foundation for me to begin an exciting and successful author's journey, and then launch my own publishing company. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted these books to look and, in particular. feel like. Julie Ann and Greg supported me in accomplishing my vision by honoring my unique style while consistently guiding me with their knowledge and expertise in the writing and publishing business. Because of their willingness to teach me and share all their tricks of the trade, I had the confidence to venture out on my own. I am very grateful.

What was the process like for you? Which bit did you enjoy the most?

Working alongside 24 authors while supporting them to write their stories was no small task. The Daring to Share way of writing involves an intensive 12-week program that incorporates Authenticity Coaching that, in turn, supports Authentic Writing - it is amplified journaling, and then some - I call it having conversations with your soul. Many authors are worried about sharing parts of their stories that involve members of their family or friends, and I support them to write in a way that honours all those involved. I love when an author suddenly discovers how to do this in a way that allows them to share their truth without disrespecting anyone in the process. I found some incredible individuals who have moved through the most extraordinary lives, and I feel so privileged that they trusted me with their stories. Working alongside each author is the most fulfilling part of what I do. Seeing each book come to fruition and sending amplified inspiration into the world is what I enjoy the most - it is my childhood dream come true.

What would you say to someone considering this as their first-time author experience?

Trust that your story is amazing just as it is. Have faith that you can do this and believe that you will inspire someone with your words. You have a voice - use it!! It is imperative that you find the writing program and publishing company that resonates with you. Influence Publishing was the right one for me and many others, and I am paying it foreword by supporting those who resonate with me and Daring to Share. Take the time to have a conversation, and you will discover when and with whom to start your author's journey.

How did contributing to a book with other authors change your view on writing a book?

I always thought that writing my eight-chapter memoir would be my first book, but I got my feet wet by writing a chapter in a collaborative one instead. Yes, I found the other authors and supported them to write and edit their stories but working on that first volume together created a sense of connection I will never forget and that still exists. Two additional books followed, and I now work one-on-one with authors writing and publishing full-length memoirs. The collaborative process is incredibly fulfilling and experiencing their sense of accomplishment is second to none. Writing can be lonely, but I discovered that working with others to create something impactful provides that sense of connection I yearn for, and its way more fun!

How did becoming a best seller change your business/life?

Becoming a bestselling author provided me with the exposure I needed to expand other parts of my business. It gave me the confidence to publish three books in just under two years, and along the way, add storytelling events and writing programs. From there, I launched my publishing house, which I never knew I dared to do. Everything my business grew into happened organically and the way it was meant to. It all started with a little girl who wanted to place her own book on the shelf, and it evolved into so many different facets that, ultimately, connect humanity through the art of storytelling in a very global way.


Diana Reyers is the founder of Daring to Share Global, Publishing Division. She is an Authentic Writing Coach who incorporates 13 years of Authenticity Coaching with her expertise as a writer and editor supporting others to experience self-discovery while writing and sharing their stories in published collaborative books and memoirs.

Diana has created Daring to Share events and programs with the intention to hold space for others to trust their truth through the magic of storytelling. She and her DTS team offer Daring to Share Book Launch Events (in person and online), the Daring to Share Your Story Writing Program (online groups and 1:1), and the Daring to Share Community Storytelling Events Program (in person). They Connect Humanity Through the Art of Storytelling.

As a creative introvert, Diana learned early on in life that the ability to belong without succumbing to external expectations of changing one’s inner self was a rare gift only provided to those courageous enough to show up as a reflection of their soul. She had a deep knowing that she did not need to heal; she just needed to evolve as her best self, given where she was within her level of personal awareness.

She began storytelling as a young child because it allowed her the ability to maintain her uniqueness while fighting to fit into a world where extroverts are honobred, and introverts are shamed. While sharing real-life experiences with others, she found a voice that people listened to and connected with her stories. Diana used her ability to share her truth to feel the love that comes from acceptance and inclusion. Within her truth, she felt the loving energy of connection and an unconditional sense of belonging.

Diana is a Human Advocate passionate about sharing the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. She knows that when a story is told person to person, the spark of connection is igniting, and the magic of human kindness takes us to what is truly real.

Diana Reyers is Daring to Share

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