Why Write a Book? Part Two.

It’s a big commitment to decide to write a book, so why do it? Unless you understand your why you will never invest in the time and financial commitment. We do not think twice about this when we invest in our website or blog writing, but a book is a whole different story – that is if it is a purpose driven story! This is the continuation of part one of this blog and why I help people write and publish books.

The clues from my life really came together 2 years ago when I was working on a book with an author about Dyslexia and discovered I had the gift, which gave me this unique ability to look at complex projects and bring creative innovation to “how” to bring order to the chaos. I did not know “why” I did this, but I had allowed my unique innovative gift to systemize a “vision” and create a process to take the chaos out of a challenge. It was the travelling around the world that had given me the ability to trust in my own wisdom.

The disempowerment I felt by fitting into a “system” and having all my rights taken away from me in hospital, left me with the gift of empowerment. I started my publishing company in 2010 because I felt there were no publishing options that truly empowered the author. Today I use my innovative skills to look for new solutions for an old antiquated publishing model that does not work. I have published over 200 authors, several books a month, and I see how quickly the industry is changing, and not to the benefit of the author! Influence Publishing now keeps on top of these trends and our latest project is changing the way authors do business with publishers to keep control of their rights. The new publishing model we launched in 2015 was a new paradigm where the author keeps 100% of the rights, 100% of the royalties but with all the benefits of a traditional publisher who does it all for you! I want to empower authors to understand the significance of selling their rights so a publisher can change your content and wisdom to fit it into a controversial money making box. Authors need to keep control of their wisdom and I intend to change the industry around and come back to the original purpose of books.

It is comforting for people of all ages to better understand how situations transpire and how they are resolved. We are always seeking the why.” as quoted in Phycology today: All the situations that had transpired in my life, the feeling of disempowerment in the hospital system, my career in product development, travelling the world and the latest discovery of the gift of dyslexia, were clues to why I do what I do today.

What is your Why?

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