Why Are You Writing Your Book?

You know your topic. You live your topic. You breathe your topic. You can’t wait to share your passion with the world! You will pour all of your passion into the pages of your book. Your book will radiate every ounce of passion you have for your topic. It will be extraordinary, and it will change the lives of your readers and your life as you know it.

Now that you have found your true passion and you want to write about it, it’s time to discover your purpose. WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN WRITING THIS BOOK?

In the next few blogs, we will list some questions that you can use as guidelines in order to help you discover the purpose behind your book. The more you think about the answers to these questions, the more they will help you discover your intentions for yourself and your readers. I have provided for you possible answers to help get you thinking, and this will help you with the focus for your book.

Why are you writing this book?

You might be writing your book as a form of therapeutic release for your own mental health and well being. Writing a book can be calming for your heart and soul. Writing can inspire emotional rejuvenation and can have healing capabilities that other remedies cannot. If this is the case, why do you want to publish your book? You might want to publish it because you feel that other people will benefit from reading it, will relate it to their own lives, and might also feel the same therapeutic effect that you felt while writing it.

You might be writing your book because you believe you can inspire and empower other people if they read about your past personal experiences, or your first-hand advice for building strong relationships, or your spirituality. Whatever your book is about, you trust that your readers will learn from your book and that they will take from it positive reinforcement and examples that they can apply to their own lives, and be happier because of it.

You might be writing your book because you want to use it as an extension of your business. In many cases, your book can be like a 200+ page business card. It can delve into the depths of case studies that you have previously performed. Your book can be a direct link to your business platform in relating to your readers what you have been through to get to the professional stage you are at in your life today. Your book can go into the meticulous details and complications that you face on an everyday basis. Your book can communicate to your readers what meetings, phone calls with clients, and paperwork cannot.

Next, we will explore the question, “Who will read your book?”

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