Why a Book Can Be a Business Card for Your Business.

You have a wealth of knowledge. You know you are an expert in your subject, and you know you can help people, but finding enough clients to keep you going every month is still a challenge. How can you let lots of people know what you do and why they should do business with you?

People do business with people they love, know and trust. You must gain that trust and one way to do that is to share your own life story with your clients. Where do you start to create a book that has impact and serves your clients?

1. Understand the significance of the events in your life and HOW to structure your life story in a book. List the major events and life changing moments that made you an expert in your subject. If you are a life coach, how did you gain the knowledge to help other people? What were the life changing events in your life and how did you overcome them? What tools did you use to overcome trauma? What can you offer that will help your client identify with you?

2. Understand the end goal of your book – who do you want to impact and transform through the lessons of your life story? Organize the events in your life into a theme and structure with clear take-away lessons.

3. Organize the content into “lessons” which represent a chapter. Add an introduction for background information and a conclusion to remind them what you’ve told them and how they can use your tools to help themselves.

4. Aim to write one lesson per week. Aim for eight lessons – which equals eight chapters. Aim for 3000-5000 words per chapter. Include case studies if you have clients you have already helped with your tools or life knowledge. Add in tips, take-aways or reflections/exercises.

5. After 8 weeks you should have the first draft of your book ready and you are ready to find a good editor and proof-reader.

More tips to get you started!

Create a purpose and solution orientated story that brings order to the chaos of all the transformational moments in your life. Present your story for impact and learning moments for the reader. Understand how to tell your story for impact, don’t tell, show! Think about your customer and what they want to know and learn from you. They want to know HOW you overcome trauma, became successful, helped other people, and HOW you can help THEM.

Once you have your story captured in a way that is for the benefit of your customer, you can establish trust quicker. The book becomes a business card which presents your knowledge and helps your customer to know you faster.

Gift your book at events, for special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays or any networking opportunity. People love free stuff and you’ve just given them a giant business card that will want them knowing more about you and how you can help them!

If a full book sounds too overwhelming, consider contributing to a collaborative book like the Woman of Worth series, where 15 authors each contribute a chapter and get to showcase themselves to a network of 1000’s of women. It’s more fun when you do it with other businesswomen and the workload and expense is shared and you only write 3000 words! Look for a book series that is established and gives each author a full chapter in the book (not just a 2-page biography as some do).


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