What Benefits Will the Reader Gain From Reading Your Book?

In the next few blogs, we will list some questions that you can use as guidelines in order to help you discover the purpose behind your book. The more you think about the answers to these questions, the more they will help you discover your intentions for yourself and your readers. I have provided for you possible answers to help get you thinking.

Is your book educational, motivational, or inspirational? Or are there other benefits to be gained from reading your book?

This question is closely related to the previous question about what your reader will learn, but this one is not about gaining immediate knowledge or experience. You can be very inspiring by sharing your journey and how you did it. When I shared my story about travelling around the world for seven years, I inspired people to consider travel in a different way. I inspired them by pointing out the difference between a two-week vacation and a change in lifestyle. I showed them a way that 6 months in Thailand could cost the same as their 2-week luxury vacation in Thailand. This inspired people and motivated them to consider different ways to travel.

You might want to make them feel more motivated in making the most out of their lives. When they read how much my life changed when I acted and decided to make the full time move to live in Mexico, it motivated and inspired many to take the first steps to an alternative lifestyle. I wasn’t telling them “how” to do this, they were just motivated by my own story.

If you are hoping to make your book educational this can be done in several ways. You may be educating the reader by simply giving new information, facts or figures that they didn’t know before. You might give step by step instructions how to do something such as finding opportunities to get paid to travel. Or you might be sharing a full curriculum along with case studies in the form of a workbook. If you are looking at creating a “self-help” style book a good flow would be to state the problem or challenge, tell the story how you personally overcame that challenge, then give them tips how they can use the same method for their own situation.

Remember, the reader wants to learn something when they read your book. Even it it’s a fiction book they have a motivation to read it. Many fiction stories are the catalyst for future inventions such as the video phone that we first saw on Star Trek! As Albert Einstein said “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”

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