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Self-publishing services do not assist the author on a personalized basis and “your book, your way” is a dangerous trap that can create loss of credibility if published without the expertise of an established publisher who “knows the rules”. A book should be edited by three levels of editing – Structural/Developmental to ensure a good flow and theme and Content editing and Proof reading for accuracy of language, grammar and spelling. There is many “Vanity” “Print on Demand” “Self-publishing/Independent Publishing and “hybrid publishing” companies out there, creating confusion for the author. Most only offer extremely basic editing services to just check the spelling and grammar and do not give you any constructive advice on theme, flow, structure or readability (Structural editing). You are too close to your own subject matter to be able to see these types of problems. Everyone needs an editor.

Any publishing company that is selling services means that they keep the rights and royalties for your book and pay you a percentage (usually 40%). If your ISBN number is registered to someone other than your name, it means they own your book. Most give confusing wording for copyright like “licensing” your rights. This means you are still giving them your book for the period that the “license” applies, which can be 12 months to 12 years! It is essential you have the ISBN registered in your own name to fully keep all your rights and royalties. You can register your own ISBN for free at the library and archives Canada site. For other countries, the ISBN is a privatized business and it can be expensive. In the USA this is managed by “Bowker” and costs $250 USD for a series of 10 ISBN numbers. Wherever you are in the world, do not fall for the trap of giving your publisher the rights to your own book! You need a different number for each edition of your book, print, e-book etc.

Problem: Authors can no longer make money.

You need to educate yourself on all the publishing options available and we can advise you on what is best for your needs. We work with several publishing partners including our own sister company "Influence Publishing" and other independent POD publishers that are not part of the Author Solution Monopoly. Our newest partner Eidetic Film are offering packages from $2997 USD that include design and a book trailer.

How can an author be successful when the field is so competitive? How do you make your book stand out?

After ten years in the publishing world - it is time to shake things up! We can no longer rely on bookstores and Amazon to make your book a success. Some of our partners offer creative marketing services that focus on other marketing strategies such as online campaigns, sponsorships, joint ventures and digital strategies including blogging, book trailers/videos and podcasts. We know how to get your book into the media, and we help you create a marketing strategy that works. We help you leverage your book as a marketing tool for your business, brand or non-profit. You can also learn how to do it yourself with the many free resources out there to help you with your online strategies! Read the rest of the blog series to learn tips and strategies that will help you.

InspireABook® publishing coaching - time to shake things up!

We have taken all the information we've learned by publishing over 200 titles and have packaged it into the InspireABook® process to empower writers with all the publishing choices available and the top insider secrets to make your book a best seller. This training was previously only available to authors that qualified to be published by Influence - but now we are extending it to any author who needs help and guidance. Personalized coaching starts at $150 per hour and it will give you information that will save you thousands of dollars. We have many partners we can connect you with for editing, design, publishing, distribution and marketing and we never take an affiliate fee. We only take on partners that have a track record as good as our own!



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