Not Good Enough To Write That Book?

You’ve written your New Year Resolutions and Goals and once again, “Write and Publish my Book” is top of the list. Why do so many dream of writing a book and yet procrastinate year after year to get started? Simple really, we get in our own way! We tell ourselves myths like, “My writing and grammar are not good enough to write a book. “This stops us from carving out the time to get started.

Here are my Top 3 Tips to overcome these challenges and make 2017 the year you write and publish that book!

1. Your job as an author is to tell a good story. It is the editors job to worry about grammar and sentence structure. If you focus on the technical side of language you will hinder your creativity. I tell my authors to just let the creativity flow and to write from a place of authentic connection with your reader. Write your story as if you are talking to your best friend and confiding in your inner most feelings and desires. Your reader wants to connect with you and to do that she needs to feel what you are feeling as you tell your story. Great story tellers have always connected with their audience by telling their story from an authentic place. If you are worrying about sentence structure and grammar, your story will be strangled. Focus on getting the first draft out by letting your writing flow, then seek help from an editor that can help you polish your raw story into a book.

2. Get organized and focused before you start writing. If you don’t know who you are writing for and why you are writing your story, you have no clear focus on the angle of your story. You need to think about your reader. Who can you best help by sharing your story? What do they want to know? What will they learn? It is one thing to let your writing flow with no direction when you are doing creative writing, journaling, or blogging. It is quite another, when you want to tell a story to fill a book. A book is a minimum of 40,000 words and 200 pages - that takes planning and strategy. Get focused by asking yourself those questions about your reader and then mind map the answers to start planning your structure. If you don’t do this, your book will end up being a string of conscious thoughts going nowhere.

3. Find someone to be accountable to. Writing a book takes discipline and creating a new habit to write everyday. If you are serious about writing a book you need to commit to 2-3 pages a day. Create a new habit to write to your plan, every day. If you write 1000 words a day, that means it will only take you 40 days to write your first draft. You are not going to do that unless you get organized and focused and remember that a good author is a good story teller. Get help to do this, then make sure you are kept accountable to those writing goals. This can be a friend, writers group or book coach. Do not try and do this alone!

Julie Salisbury is the founder of Influence Publishing and Inspire-A-Book publishing program. The 16-week program helps you get focused and organized and creates a complete daily writing plan. You are kept accountable to your writing goals on a weekly basis until your first draft is complete.

More info can be found at Listen to the info-talk for more tips on getting organized.



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