Get Real With Your Book!

I recently worked with Duane and Catherine O’Kane on their book “Real – The Power of Authentic Connection” and Duane commented at the book launch how personal the experience of doing business with Influence was for him. This is what I hope for with all the authors I work with, an authentic connection with their story and their book, which in turn, truly benefits the reader. It is also one of the biggest challenges that many authors have, the willingness to be real, authentic and vulnerable, when sharing their story. We can only be of true service when we are willing to be real and that takes a lot of courage.

When I take writers through my webinar or workshop process, the goal is to find the gold in their story and then go just a bit deeper. That deeper place is only reached when the writer is willing to be vulnerable and share the dark places so the reader can identify and relate their own experience. None of this really matters to the reader though, if they can not see a way through the darkness to the light. Only sharing our dark place does not make for a good book. Why would any reader only want to read about the trauma without a solution or tools how to deal with it? If you are still “in” your story being vulnerable and sharing it will not help anyone.

Reflecting on the journey and helping the reader to understand how they can get to a better place, is a good book. How are you going to help your reader? What are you going to give them in your book that helps them to relate to you, but also guides them through their own experience? These are some of the questions we dig into in the Inspire-a-book workshop or webinar in a small group.

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