The Flip Side of Dyslexia

As a dyslexic book publisher I have discovered how much the gifts of dyslexia have helped me with the big picture and story development of manuscripts. Many famous entrepreneurs have used their "problem solving" skills of Dyslexia to forge new paradigms of business, and this is what I have done for the publishing industry.  It is time to recognize that it is good 'stories" that make great books and leave the editors to take care of grammar, spelling and sentence structure.  You don't have to be a great writer to be a great author, but you do have to tell a good story! For many years I have wanted to put this book together to encourage others that the flip side to Dyslexia is a gift and I believe the time has come.  We want you to share your inspiring story of how you have recognized the flip side to Dyslexia. We will publish a collaborative book with 20 authors' stories to encourage others with Dyslexia be encouraged.  All royalties raised through this book will be donated to a foundation to create a scholarship fund to help more Dyslexic authors publish their story.

What is a Collaborative Book?

Most people are familiar with the "Chicken soup for the Soul" series of books where multiple authors contribute to a book with a common theme. Influence Publishing have taken this concept one step further and created a complete system to bring together like-minded story tellers.

What Do We Do?

  • We facilitate a workshop to help all the story-tellers in this book develop their inspiring chapter with purpose.  We help each contributor in their story development and only ask that they tell their story and submit a raw draft for our editors.  We also have the facility to create transcripts from a zoom interview for those who prefer to work that way.

  • We work with each chapter story-teller individually on the editing process for their chapter. This process results in a very professional and focused story with clear takeaways and lessons that will the inspire the reader. We take each author through a three stage editing process (Developmental, structural, content) and ensure the highest professional standards with a final proof read. (unlike other collaborative project books you may have experienced where the story teller submits a poor quality chapter and that is what gets published other than a spell and grammar check!).


  • We produce a professional unique cover design and interior design for the book.   A book is judged by the cover and we ensure the final selection of Title, sub-title, synopsis and author bio's are optimized for search engine optimization. We handle all the professional book standard metadata and BISSAC book codes and Amazon categories/keywords, so your book can be found worldwide.


  • We utilize the world's largest book distributor so the book can be ordered by any book store or library around the world, (including Amazon/Chapters/Barnes and Noble), unlike other publishers that only make your book available on Amazon.


  • We facilitate a Marketing Strategy meeting with all the authors to launch the book as an Amazon Best seller! We have a proven system to get everyone working with a common purpose to get the word out about the book to their network. When everyone follows the system you are guaranteed to become an Amazon Best Seller on the day of the launch. (unless your book is on the Best Sellers list, your book will never be found)

  • We celebrate your success and help you create an online or live event to optimize your Best Selling Book!  You can then proudly call yourself a Best Selling Published Author!  

Take a look at some of our collaborative book projects that we have worked with over the last three years and made Amazon Best Sellers on the launch day:

Q&A Session (open to all interested authors): TBA  Please email us to register by clicking the button below.

Deadline for Applications:  Spring 2021


Book Launch Date:  Fall 2021

Save the Date:  Online Author Workshop - Spring 2021.  (for those applicants chosen)

For more information on pricing and to apply to be part of this unique project, click on the button below.

For inspiration, and to learn more about my story please click below on the TEDx box to watch my TEDx talk entitled "The Gift of Dyslexia".

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To listen to my most recent interview on the "Dyslexia is Our Superpower" podcast, please click HERE.  

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